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Servotronix Israel - Customization

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Tailored Motion Solutions that Deliver Maximum Customer Value

Servotronix's strength lies in its customization capabilities. Our accumulated vertical market experience has helped us expedite the development process, while using building blocks that have been tried and tested for specific industry requirements.

What makes us the best in customization projects?

  • We rely on field-proven, ready to use building block software and hardware elements, assuring you fast development and short time to market
  • Our engineers will work in close collaboration with your technical team, and will not give up until they find the best solution to meet your requirements
  • We value partnership with our customers. Call us old-fashioned, but when it comes to relationships we believe in long-run investments

Where is your competitive advantage?

  • Cutting down on any overhead costs of redundant functionality or performance levels not optimized to your application
  • Risk is minimized as we use ready to use and pre-tested design elements
  • Maximum compactness
  • Ease of use
  • Short time to market

Modifications vs. Customization

Modifications are about adding or adapting specific features, mostly in the software that will boost the machine's performance and lower your costs. Modifications can be done quickly since they are based on standard products, so your time to market is short.

Modifications may include:

  • Tuning
  • Specific current and voltage limits
  • Ruggedization such as temperature, shock and IP
  • Adding features such as homing process

Customizations can be a redesign, or a completely new product. Customization allows flexible cost considerations and extended functionality, which give you the competitive advantage in your industry.

Common customization includes:

  • Unique shapes to fit space limitations
  • Multi axis control
  • Integration of peripheral electronics and customer's algorithms
  • Connectors and networks