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Servotronix supplies servo drives and servo control solutions to some of the leading companies in the printing industry. Our experience includes developing servo drive solutions for the entire printing process starting at the Pre-Printing stage, and to the various printing types - such as Digital Printing and Wide-Format Printing.

Printing IndigoDigital Printing

Special requirements in digital printing may be:
  • Synchronous system of drums with backlash and gears
  • Disturbances (grippers) and variability (paper weight)
  • Sheet-fed or continuous paper
  • CYMK registration (banding)
Some of Servotronix's solutions for digital printing:
  • Cost effective motor
  • Large/ reduced inertia wheel
  • Hollow shaft high resolution feedback device
  • Harmonic compensation for electronic smoothing of torque and feedback
  • Adaptive self calibration of compensation for simple deployment