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Medical Equipment

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Our experience in the medical industry varies from relatively simple laboratory automation equipment, life support systems such as blood pumps and respiration machines, through to high-end diagnostic imaging systems. Our customers' need for extremely reliable equipment that meets strict medical industry standards is well understood by us, and we excel at proving our customers with the functionality that they need.


Medical GE
Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT scanners and MRI machines demand percision for high inertia loads at high speeds. Precise and smooth control of the patient table is critical in ensuring the accuracy of the diagnostic image as well as patient's comfort.
Servotronix has developed a custom all-in-one brushless DC motion control module for GE's Discovery NM/CT 670 system. The module has replaced six separate components, fitting them in a single cost and space efficient module with a single product number for all its axes.

Thomson's standard components for scan heads include linear motion assemblies and a ceiling-mounted lifting column. For patient tables, ideal components are profile rail linear guides, lead screws, gearheads and clutch/brake assemblies. Custom linear actuators with lifting columns, are being used in such applications as well.

Surgical Tools
Medical Surgery

Surgical robotics is about percise multi-axis motion control, that is coordinated with all other surgical interfaces (such as vision). All control system components need to seamlessly work together over a high-bandwidth motion network. 

Kollmorgen's frameless and cartridge motors provide a direct rotary solution for the most demanding requirements in the smallest possible space.  Integrated drives can also serve as the optimum solution, fitting into small tools and enhancing the motion performance.

Portescap's brushless DC slotted motor technology is ideal for medical devices such as surgical hand tools, medical pumps, and ventilation equipment. Customized systems which include encoders, gearheads, shafts and a unique design can reduce total assembly costs while providing a high power, efficient, reliable, and accuracte solution.

3D Dental Imaging

One of our projects included a complete axis solution for a digital 3D in-mouth imaging application, designed to meet costumer-specific performance requirements. The solution included the Servotronix LVD (Low-Voltage Drive) and Portescap's 12G88 motor. The solution closes a position loop with trapezoidal motion profile for the Z axis which controls the camera's zoom function.