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Aerospace & Defense

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Failure is not an option when it comes to designing motion systems in aircraft or military applications, even under the harshest and most demanding conditions. Mechanics and motion control systems must be dynamic and respond instantly, accurately and reliably. 

Requirements for harsh environment applications may include:
  • Dynamic performance
  • High efficiency
  • Rugged designs
  • High power density
  • Long life design
  • Low maintenance
Military Aircraft


Elevators and rudders, horizontal stabilizers, satellite tracking systems, pointing and tracking systems, antenna systems, door and hatch actuators, landing gear, braking systems and more.
Military Ground

Ground Vehicles & Naval Vessels

Armor actuation, suspension, electric brakes, seat actuation, mast systems, weapons systems charging, engine systems, utility actuation, door/hatch actuation.
Military Antena

Radars & Tracking Stations

For land-based systems, high torque servo motors are required to dynamically accelerate and decelerate the mass of the antenna and to accurately hold position. For pedestals mounted on vehicles and ships, a more compact, efficient direct drive motor solution is suitable.
Military Weapon

Weapon Stations

Azimuth and elevation actuators must be durable to the same harsh conditions as the vehicle itself. Furthermore, They must ensure reliably and accurate positioning while in motion.
Military UVA

Unmanned Vehicles

UAVs, UGVs and UUVs require compact, light, energy-efficient servo systems that do not compromise on performance and can respond instantly and accurately under extreme conditions.
Military Missiles

Missiles and Guided-Munitions

Laser or IR guidance, JDAM systems, and more.